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2021年8月にEP little dictionary #1 をSpotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc. などで配信リリース。





ritornare (戻る)のri.

Key (鍵)のKey.


Singer - Songwriting Pianist.

Born in Japan/ Tokyo, raised in Austria/ Linz, 2nd child to Taiwanese parents.

riKey writes music about conversations between creatures those turned into poetic metaphor, layered with chords and melody sprinkles.

All her compositions starts with an experiment and goes through the journey, mixed with each countries folklore or random noises on the street.

The samplings is the one and only memory of the path she left footprints. The concept of her performance is the space ship, due to her button fetishism - a listening space walk, so to say.

Released EP "little dictionary #1" Aug. 2021.

Single release in 2022 "pulcinella".

riKey's musical activity continues to gain momentum as she performs and writes across the borders of Europe, and in Japan where she currently resides. 

riKey means:

ri from ritornare (to come back).

Key from the key. (yes, the thing you use to open the door or whatever).

May her music will be the key to come back, wherever you are. A place for music and you.

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