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Piano/Keyboard/Synthesizer player, Vocalist, Arrenger, Composer

Born in Tokyo, 2nd child to Taiwanese parents, Rikey started her musical education at the age of 3 when she got a brand new YAMAHA piano for her birthday. With her mother's support, her talents began to flourish. After 7years of playing classical piano, she passed an audition allowing her the chance to study abroad in Linz/Austria.

​At just 10 years of age, Rikey enrolled into the prestigious Anton Bruckner Private University for Music, Dance and Drama. She started her piano studies in "Kuensterlische Basisstudium”,  a term for young talented musicians to skill up on their own instruments and gain the ingenuity to become an artist.

Her repertoire ranges from Baroque, to First Viennese School (Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn…) to Romantic music and Impressionism by the likes of composers such as Debussy and Ravel.
Her influences stem from stage performance theater, opera and international choir competitions that she participated in during her youth. She also sparked a new passion for the likes of John Cage and NamJune Paik whilst working with contemporary dancers.

Rikey grew up frequenting the sounds of Funk, Soul and RnB, and in particular, pioneering artists such as: Chaka Kahn, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, D' Angelo and many artists from Black Music culture. Music of this breed became commonplace among the turntables of Vienna where Rikey enjoyed joining forces with many of the cities up-and-coming DJs.

The live performance aspect of events pushed her to make electronic music which led to collaboration with DTM producers.

After graduating with a BA in music teaching, Rikey worked as Keyboard player in Viennese electronic soul band “Nomadee". Her musical activity continues to gain momentum as she performs and writes across the borders of Europe, and in Japan where she currently resides. 






小学校4年生にオーストリアのリンツにある「アントン・ブルックナー私立音楽大学(Anton Bruckner Private University for Music, Drama, and Dance)」にピアノ留学をする。なお当時の校名はアントン・ブルックナー・コンセルバトーリウムと言う。

同校において、「Kuenstlerische Basisstudium」いわゆるアーティストのためのベーシック学業をピアノ中心とし学び始める。


後に音楽教師(Instrumenten und Gesangspädagogik)としての資格も得る。




このようにJazzをはじめとして、 Soul、 Funk、 RnBとブラックカルチャーなど、様々なミュージック・ジャンルとの触れ合いにより音楽的感性を磨く。とくに影響を受けたのが、Michael Jacksonのアルバム「History」とChaka Khanが出演した「Soul Train」であり、真にブラックミュージックを信奉するようになる。



photo by©aonowl

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